Starting Right, Now

Starting Right, Now is a program meeting the needs of the growing population of homeless families and children in Hillsborough County

June 3rd, Juan walked across the stage, graduating from high school, with a full scholarship to a University. He is a first generation high school graduate, first generation college bound in his family. Tear-filled eyes witnessed this victory.

When Starting Right, Now (SRN) met Juan, he had attended six high schools, one for each time his family couldn’t pay rent and moved. Each move left him further behind, jeopardizing his diploma. He was homeless and had nowhere to turn. His school social worker recommended Juan for our program.

Juan had a 1.3 GPA, but he possessed enduring determination and potential, making him a perfect fit for our organization. As with all of our clients, we helped him obtain a job, apartment, furniture, bus pass, computer, printer and internet access. Most importantly, we matched him with a mentor who became his advocate, guiding him daily. As with all of our clients, with their first paycheck, we helped open a bank account and taught financial literacy, including budgeting. We acquired county health insurance, food stamps, birth certificate, social security card and FL ID. We funded jam club, track, ROTC, senior photos, homecoming, prom, cap and gown. We introduced him to sporting events, the circus, bowling, etc. We changed his life in countless ways, culminating in triumph, overcoming the generational cycle of homelessness.

Starting Right, Now is a program meeting the needs of the growing population of homeless families and children in Hillsborough County. We intervene in a uniquely holistic way for our clients. We create an individualized program for each family or youth. We expose our students to everything in the community. We take them to tour college campuses or vocational programs, fill out the applications, complete the essays and even help with their financial aid and scholarships.

We intercede at a critical juncture in a child’s life, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. Unlike other agencies, we provide a deep, holistic and personal approach to end homelessness one family, one child, at a time. We are not a hand-out, we are not a band-aid. We cure homelessness, achieving remarkable results.

STARTING RIGHT, NOW is ending homelessness, one child at a time.


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