Become a Mentor

A hallmark of SRN’s comprehensive program is personal, one-on-one mentoring for each participant.

These mentors are volunteers from the community that give to their youth advice, understanding, and encouragement. Mentors touch base with their mentee daily. Most mentors send a quick text saying have a good day, or looking forward to seeing you, etc. Once a week, Mentor and mentees meet in person. The mentor exposes the youth to experiences previously unavailable due to lack of finances and transportation, such as eating at a restaurant, participating in physical or creative activities, engaging with local art and culture, etc. SRN mentors act as a friend and confidante for their student. Both parties agree to a commitment through the youth’s high school graduation; however, many of these pairs develop into profoundly meaningful relationships, which continue beyond the terms of the contract, indefinitely.

How to become a mentor

To become a mentor, you would need to complete the following application. Once submitted, an interview will be scheduled for you with two board members. There is a $100 fingerprinting fee, paid directly to the school district.  Mentors must attend a mentor training — a one-time session about 3 hours in length. If you can see yourself in this role, helping a student to achieve their potential, please complete the application.

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