Hear Their Stories

Meet Lis

“With the eviction letter in hand I went out to the parking lot and sat on the curb beside the car that would be my new home and did something I hadn’t done in a long time - I prayed"..."I can’t say why I was blessed the way I was, but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that when the call for help went out, SRN answered.”

Meet Kyle

“When I came back to my mom’s house, she had already packed all my belongings and placed them on the front porch.”

Meet Tieyenna

“In the past ten years I have grown mentally from the emotionally unavailable and detached adolescent that I was into a woman with purpose, hope, and many more dreams.”

Meet Alesia

“I turned to my sister and I said, ‘I’m going to run…’ I eyed a staircase and took off running, moving quickly down the stairs and out of the airport exit with only $20 in my pocket.”

Meet Randall

“I didn’t buy into the program immediately. Why would I trust people I didn’t know when everyone who was supposed to be there and take care of me left?”

Meet Tatiyana

“‘I’m sorry I have to do this,’ she began. I already knew what she was about to say. She looked me in my eyes: ’I can’t afford for you to stay here any longer.’ I could see that it broke her heart to kick me out, but I understood that she had no choice.”

Meet Martha

“I shove essentials, like my homework, sheet music, and phone, into my book bag, deciding I have endured the abuse too long. When I glimpse my father’s scrubs reappear…I run.”

Meet Jarian

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well it took a village-and-a-half to raise me.”

Meet Olivia

“While I am living on the street, I figure everything I endure is at least my choice. I have more autonomy. At home, I am being traumatized with no control.”

Meet Jadejha

“In 5th grade, I envy other kids’ chores…born into my mother’s gang life, I’m selling drugs so we can eat.”

Meet Aja

“I continue to be trapped by my father’s choices – constantly changing houses, constantly being evicted, broken promises, bad decisions.”

Meet Hillary

“My older sister, who was only in 7th grade, was our caretaker. We would wake ourselves and walk a mile to school, or some days we would just not go.”

Meet Shaq

“I witnessed everything from robberies to shootouts. I even engaged in some of these activities myself.”

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