We’re Moving!

Meanwhile, our Hillsborough training center is moving! After ten years in New Tampa, we’re relocating to South Tampa. The new space is nearly twice the square-footage of our current building, and should make life easier – and less crowded – for everyone. But more importantly, it’s significantly closer to Haven Poe and Haven South, meaning money we save on transportation

With need great, more homeless teens to get help

March 28 2017 ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) – The beds are made, the rooms are ready, and for the teenagers who will move in, the world could change in a big way. Thousands of teenagers are homeless in the Tampa Bay area, more than just about anywhere else in the country. Tiffany Rogers was one of those teens. “My mom

Wharton High senior lost her mother, but not her drive

June 3, 2016 NEW TAMPA — Sometimes a raw deal can knock a person off track. So it was for Crystal Ramroop, who was 16 when her mother’s heart gave out. “She was my best friend,” said Ramroop, now 18. “Every time something happened in my life, I told her first. It wasn’t real until she knew.” She had called

Homeless sisters, one at Armwood, help each another stay in school

June 3, 2016 SEFFNER — When the school bell rang, Kemari Hayes sprinted home so her classmates wouldn’t find out where she lived. Home was a room at a motel, just off Interstate 4. Inside, Kemari, then 15, closed the door, locking out the crime that she see through the window. She did her homework and watched SpongeBob SquarePants. Kemari

Rough road to graduation included sleeping on porch, couch surfing

June 3, 2016 TAMPA — Only in hindsight did Yves Luma realize her mother never intended to get on the plane. Luma was 9. She wore a flowing white summer shirt and baggy jeans that she could grow into. Her mother said they were going to the United States, a land of shining streets and beautiful homes. On the tarmac

A young migrant worker transforms to college student

June 11, 2015 DOVER — The hands that once picked fruit in the fields surrounding this east Hillsborough community helped guide a baseball across the plate at the Tampa Bay Rays game Wednesday. The hands that once shielded him from the wrath of an angry father accepted a diploma from Strawberry Crest High School last week, making him the first

Holiday Hopes: HCC student strives to help younger siblings overcome tragedy

December 12, 2014 TAMPA Telling the story gets a little easier each time, but it is always painful. He woke early that morning a year and a half ago to his sister’s screams and jumped from his bed. He can’t remember what month it was, just that he was about to take final exams for his junior year at Armwood

Starting Right, Now Receives Humana Grant

October 10, 2014 A local charity has been named the proud recipient of a giant donation in the form of a grant from a national company. According to a September 16 press release, the Tampa Palms-based charity Starting Right, Now (SRN — a nonprofit that works to eliminate homelessness among Tampa Bay-area youth), received this year’s Humana Communities Benefit charitable